The Best Website Designing Platforms for Beginners in 2019

Being a business owner you will need a website to make your online presence but you get confused which kind of website you should own or what kind of website designing platforms you should choose as a beginner as there are plenty of options online to get a website. Today we are here to solve your problem and we are going to share the best website designing platforms for beginners in 2019.

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The Need of a Website | Where it came from?

In this 21st century, the way of doing business is changing dramatically. Especially when we talk about the past 10-20 years the things were not the same as today. Now if someone thinks of starting a new business the first thing would come up in their mind is how they are going to advertise their business and what specific platform they will have to choose to capture the whole market. Now the market has also been divided into many types and the targeted audience has also been changed. The Internet has changed the whole process of doing a business. As now people think of you their online customers first rather than their local customers because there is such vast market online. People prefer to get things online rather than roaming around the market for getting anything, hence your online presence becomes even more important as a business owner.

The Best Website Designing Platforms for Beginners in 2019

There are many in numbers of different types of website designing platforms to create a website online, but how to choose the best one as everyone’s needs and requirements are different. So today we are here to solve your problem and we’ll let you know the top Website designing platforms for beginners in 2019 to be chosen. is a blank canvas editor which allows you to drag and drop the items into the page. It asks you for your requirements first and then created a beautiful website for you. It gives you different options to choose and change the site’s look and functionality. It could be a great option for you to get a new website as a beginner. All you need to do is just get a domain and hosting and that’s it.

But there is a problem with, it is once you have created your website and made all the changes and after that, if you think of changing the template then you can’t do it, but if you have decided to change it then you will have to create the website once again from the scratch.

The Drag and drop functionality of makes the things much more easy for the user but the designing is not easy for the people who are not design-oriented for that they will have to choose a template, as it is a bit complex to create a good looking website.

One more thing you will have to keep in your mind during the process of getting a website from it is that all the templates are not responsive so choose the responsive one.

The website which you are making through will cost you around $20-$120 per month; it totally depends on your requirements.

This is also an online drag and drop platform which helps you to create a beautiful professional website or a store. They also have an app store which has plenty of apps which helps you get the functionality which you wanted to be in your website. You can edit the template as you need and get the outcome of your own choice.

The drag and drop function of Weebly is not same as because it only allows you to add the elements at the predetermined areas. This is because they allow you to switch the template easily; it means you can switch the templates at any point of time without losing your existing data.

All the templates on Weebly are not optimized but all the templates are not optimized so you will have to choose the templates accordingly.

Getting a website through will cost you around $30 per month, additional features will add up the price.

It is an E-commerce platform which helps you to create an online store. This is a platform made for you where you do not need any kind of designing or development skills. Here you can get a Fully customize your online store, Add new sales channels in seconds, Manage unlimited products and inventory, Fulfill orders in a single step, and Track sales and growth trends also.

Other than E-commerce features you cannot do anything else as there is a lot going on when it is about E-commerce. Also, you’ll need little time to understand the exact meaning of the features provided by them.

There many in numbers themes available but you will have to look for a responsive one.

The cost of getting an E-commerce website from will be around $30/month (basic)-$299/month (advanced).

WordPress is a very popular open-source website creation tool, 30% of the websites of the world have been created with the help of WordPress. From this number only you can get an idea of its popularity. It is also a very good Content Management System (CMS).

The most vibrant feature of WordPress is its ease as it has an intuitive interface. It comes with an inbuilt dashboard where users can add new pages, posts, or categories, change themes and settings, and much more.

The websites created with the help of WordPress are more Search Engine Friendly as the code is quite simple and clean. The themes are responsive so that it can be fitted to any screen size device. Multiple themes options are available for you which you can customize easily.

But sometimes for making some specific changes to the website, it becomes a bit complex for the beginners so that this platform is good for those who are intermediate techies and above.

The cost to create a website through WordPress is zero but as it requires bit code knowledge too, so you may need to purchase the themes or hire a web developer to customize your website. Or sometimes you may need to pay for additional plug-ins.

WordPress is the king of website development platforms but a bit tricky too, it will definitely help you to get an amazing website. One more drawback of WordPress is that there are very few options available for the E-commerce platform. is a platform which is specially designed for nontechnical persons. You can create a professional website, E-commerce website or a store as per your need. This is a perfect platform for complete beginners.

Every feature on is just a click away from you. Just click on the place where you want to make the changes. Even you can switch the templates very easily unlike any other platforms.

The website which is made with the help of costs you around $20 per month (business plan). You don’t need to be tech-savvy for using

These were the best website designing platforms for beginners in 2019. We welcome your suggestions too, for any kind of information mail us today.

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These Amazing Websites will Definitely Leave You Speechless | The Creativity

Website Designing has always been a part of creativity and people who are designers they are always trying to meet new heights into the world of designing, developing and creating. And they have come up with some amazing websites or we can say the creative results which are appreciable. The world of Designing doesn’t stop here. It has a lot of things to learn and know about.

This time I have come up with some strange websites which are actually going to blow your mind. Have a look:

No. 5 –

Do you guys remember the bubble wrap? And especially when we use to pop the bubbles up by making sure that there is none of them is left to be popped out.

So what is the relation between popping the bubbles and this website? Ok so just open it and here you will find out virtual bubbles to pop up and trust me its fun as the real one. You must try once.


No. 4 –

Have you ever slapped someone with eel? Is your answer is a No?

Then here you get an opportunity to slap a guy with Eel. Sounds funny… Right? But it’s not funny at all, why don’t you try it yourself?

Yes, this website has a feature where a guy is being slapped with an eel again and again. The designer of this website has designed it in a way whenever you move your cursor the eel will slap that guy.

Aww, the Poor guy!  But it’s an awesome feeling after slapping that guy. Go and try now.

No. 3 –
This website gives you an opportunity to know about the ancient Earth. Do you have any question in your mind such as how was the look of Earth 300 million ago or 600 million ago? Or you have any query related to the shape of Earth and the Islands. Then you must visit this website once.


No. 2 –


If you are scared of Ghosts or paranormal activities then you must not visit this website. Because this website contains ghost’s images, videos along with horrible and terrifying sound effects. Although there is nothing like very special on this website no one can get to know the purpose of this website’s designing.  Whenever you click on any image or any link it will end up with a short story.

If you get an answer then please don’t forget to share with me. Anyways have a look over this website. It has interesting stuff for those who want to explore the new and different things.

No. 1 –

This website is on the Top place of this Collection because it has some special features which are not that easy to understand.  I mean It starts with the collage of a man sitting on his table and whenever you click anywhere it will end up at a different location. And this website doesn’t have any end. It will keep showing you something different every time. And there is no any specific way to visit this website. You will also never get to know where have been you lost.

Go and enjoy it.

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Professional Website Designing Company is a Necessity or a Choice?…

Professional Website designing company as a Necessity

A professional website designing company can be them who can fulfill your entire requirement related to Online Marketing and Web Services.

Whenever we plan to go into a business, then for the online presence of our business, the first thing which comes to our mind is a website. The website makes us available online, in front of millions of people. So, for that, we basically require a professional business website. But it is just starting, now second thing what comes to our mind is who will be the best to ask to design our website? There are several freelancers who can provide you service at very cheap prices but it’s not just about designing, there are several things to be followed during website designing process. For that, you must require a professional website designing company and an organisation who can assure you for their quality work, what freelancers can’t do.

The website is our business’s face online, so it needs to be very professional, presentable, systematic and well-structured. If you will go in this way, then you will never lose your potential customers online. Because your website will make them fall in love with your work.

The things to keep in mind while designing your website; what a professional website designing company can offer you only are mentioned below:

Type of website:

A Professional Website Designing Company will do an analysis of your business, product and services deeply and will ask you for the purpose of making a website. After that, they will design it accordingly. A normal static website is capable enough to introduce you and your business online. But if you are planning to generate sales online then the things will go a different way, which is basic; but the most important part of website designing.

Website looks:

The Second part is how your website will look like? It includes, the way your website navigates, the colour and the graphics used for your website. The Colouring and graphical part of designing plays a very important role to play with the mind of visitors on your website. Creativity and systematic way are required. Look below for the example of a bad and a good website designing.

An example of Terrible Website Design:

Bad Website Design

Bad website design

An Example of Perfect Website Design:

Perfect Website Design
Perfect Design

Latest Technology:

In the world of internet marketing technologies are changing day by day. So if you don’t want to stand in that queue where already your competitors are or for the ranking over search engines, the latest technology to be used for your website is the must.

SEO Compliance:

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a technique which can help your website to get rank on the top of search engines. So a website designing should be done as per search engines norms. Search engines can recognise those websites easily which follow their rules and regulations.

Webmaster Services:

A website is needed to be up to date or regular maintenance is required to make it successful. For that webmaster services are there to help you out and to keep you up to date with the latest technology. It simply keeps your business website fresh and updated. Google Webmaster Login


Many people are there who do not understand the importance of business website designing and they do not take it as seriously as it must be taken. A professional Website designing company has experienced people who know how to create a website which is actually useful. If you don’t follow all these things then your website is just a dead body. It cannot bring anything for you. So do not take the risk with web designing because it is much more cost and time effective to work with a professional website designing company.

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