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Google has launched New Version of Google Search Console, so today we are here to tell how can you you add your website to new search console?


I’m going to assume that you are one of the millions of people who already has a Google account. If you don’t, get one. If you do, then go to the Google Search Console page and sign in.

google webmaster login page

Now, take a look at these steps and learn how to set up Google Search Console:

Step 1: Add a Search Console Property

Before you can start using Google Search Console you have to add something to track.

Google calls this a property and it can be either a website or an Android app. For this tutorial, we’ll be working with websites.

Before adding your website let’s have a look at the type of website properties according to Google:

google verification terms screenshot

Click the “Add a property” button near the top of the homepage. Type in the name of the property and click the Add button.

ad property to google

It’s easy to add a site to Google Search Console, right?

ad propery to google

google webmasters

Step 2: Verify Your Site

When you visit the verification page, you will get a number of verification options.

Google usually recommends HTML file upload, but other choices of Search Console verification include:


When you select HTML file upload, you get a file to upload to your hosting provider.


I’ve used this method in the past, and it’s reasonably straightforward to get it into the correct (usually root) folder using the file manager of your web hosting control panel.

However, if you’re running a WordPress-based site and have installed Yoast SEO, there’s an easier way to add the HTML tag to your site.

Choose the HTML tag option in Google Search Console, and then copy the code that follows “content=”, excluding the quote marks.


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