SEO Is a Stair to a Successful Website

You all must be thinking that what I mean by ‘SEO is a stair to successful website’. Just the way a plant needs water and sunlight to grow, websites needs SEO to work properly and grow. And a website is useless until it gives the owner web traffic and productivity. So, to generate traffic on the website and to make it a useful source for business. Why do people develop website for their businesses these days? It is so because today’s generation is a phonoholic ( I know that’s not even a word but it means people are addicted to phones) and internet addict. Hence businessmen make a website to make his company’s name familiar to the world. And by ‘world’ I mean the internet world. You can also say that a website is a digital template of a company.

 What is SEO?

SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of optimizing a website in such a way that it starts ranking on the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo etc. The basic and primary objective of search engine optimization is to get the website to rank on the first page of the search engines. If you want your website to rank on the first page of the search engines, then you must hire experts to do SEO on your website.

SEO includes –

  • Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • On – Page Optimization
  • Off – Page Optimization
  • Selecting Keyword
  • Giving Outbound and Inbound links
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Backlinking

Who can do SEO?

If you are thinking to do SEO on your website on your own, it is possible. Anyone with good grammar and computer knowledge and basic knowledge of SEo can do it. But I’d rather suggest you to hire an expert to do that work for you. As the expert can do it in less time and will also give you good results. But if you try to do it by yourself you might lack somewhere and your website won’t rank. No matter how hard you try but you cannot match the level of work done by an expertise.

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A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

Thing you must know about SEO

Basically SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is a technique of optimizing a website in such a way  that it ranks on the first page of the search engines. This will increase the traffic on your website and as well as number of your potential customer will also increase. SEO is considered as one of the most important aspect of Digital Marketing. Through digital marketing a person can expand his business as he gets to create more potential customers.

The problem causing trouble to the small businesses is the unstoppable shift of commerce from the ‘street’ to the ‘ server room’. I mean that marketing these days is highly dependent upon the web presence of the company unlike the earlier times. The main problem is that only few small businesses can afford to overlook the digital marketing. The small businessmen will have to pay the same amount as the large organizations for creating a website for their company. And neither do the small business owners have enough information and knowledge about the digital marketing. As SEO is the most important aspect of but a person who is an expert in SEO is beyond the budget of many businesses. Now SEO courses and teachings are also available anyone interested can go there.

So if you’re thinking “Can you conduct your SEO on your own?

Answer will be- Of course you can! But you will never be able to optimize your site as good as an Expertise in SEO can. Just for your information let me tell you that a poorly considered SEO can affect your business negatively, so be careful.

So what can you do?

Well a good start to do SEO will be to take a look at the Google webmaster guidelines. Not to forget that the majority of your potential audience will be using Google to find you, so you would not want to mess with the terms of Google, as it is very important to continue your web presence. The webmaster guidelines will help you to know what you should do and what not to do, especially regarding to links scheme. Links are important but don’t try to buy them.


You wanna know how a good SEO works?

Well then in the starting you need to make sure that what you do is fully understood by the search engines and which search terms you should be ranking for. You should focus on such terms which have low competition. SEO can be further divided into two categories-

  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization

On page optimization consists of Webmaster tools, Optimizing keywords, title and meta tag, URL structures, content optimization and verifying with Google and also checking if there are any broken links existing. Whereas Off page optimization consists of link building, advertising on social media platforms and article submission. It will be a plus point if you can do blog creation on your website. Blogs helps in getting traffic to your website



Most often you might have heard of the term “black hat” in relation to SEO. It consists of the SEO related activities which used to be perfectly effective in the early times when Google was introduces to the open and honest world of marketing. But the Google that exists today is the skeptical master of a long war against spam. If you use black hat techniques to increase your ranking you might get succeeded in your deed but once Google gets to know about your mischief, it can block your website and never allow you to be on its listing ever again. So if you are being clever and thinking to trick and fool Google, then you should definitely drop the idea.

Things You Must Not do-

  • Structuring your website for customers and Google in a different manner.
  • Listing sites in web directories which never brink traffic through the link.
  • Submitting useless articles which nobody would want to read.
  • Stuffing the website full of keywords just to get rank for all those keywords.
  • Copying content from someone else or from elsewhere on the web.
  • Do not use cheap ads just to generate traffic on your website.


Things You Must Do-

  • Make sure the content on your website is understandable and expresses its purpose.
  • Use the type of language you think people will use to find your website.
  • Make sure your website is well designed and suitable for its purposes.
  • Try to create amazing content that people will enjoy while reading and share it further.

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How Can Facebook Affect Our Lives?

Today I just thought to talk about Facebook Impacts on Social Lives. Oh! but I know well, it is not a new topic at all but still as Facebook has become a very Important part of our lives, so this topic is never going to die.

Facebook Impacts on Social Lives

People these days have evolved themselves in Social Media in such a way that they start feeling restless if they don’t get to use Internet or their favorite Social Media Sites. And one of them is Facebook! I know you can’t deny that, right? I know your answer is definitely a “Yes”.
Facebook is a medium of social media through which people can connect with their friends and family from the North to the south or East to the West of the world i.e, all across the Globe. People share their images, videos on their profiles and then all they want are maximum likes and comments on their posts.It’s funny how people so badly want their posts to get a high number of likes and comments from the people they don’t even know about.

Now let’s talk about how Facebook impacts on the people’s social lives. We will discuss about a few of Advantages of using Facebook along with its disadvantages.

Advantages of Facebook

People can now connect with their family or friends even if they are on different continents and the most important thing is if you are going to make an ISD call it gonna cost you a lot but Facebook has made it much more easier as it is less expensive compared to an ISD call, this special feature of Facebook makes it more lovable among the people. People in today’s generation use Facebook on daily basis. Earlier it was only the teenagers who used Facebook but now anyone who has mobile phones and Internet Connection have an account on Facebook whether be it a 11 year old kid or a 70 years aged person.

Disadvantages of Facebook

Facebook as well has it’s disadvantages, people just to take revenge sometimes use the person’s photos in a wrong way,they Photoshop it and then post it on Facebook just to spoil their image. People are also losing themselves in the world of social media as they are so deeply involved into various social media platforms which includes Facebook, and Facebook is used by 80% of people all over the world. Specially, the teenagers use Facebook which consumes most of their time, and neither they are doing anything productive nor they are concentrating on their studies.They are just spoiling their time and themselves.


Therefore Facebook is useful as well as it can also distract you from what you should actually be doing.
I hope you liked the post. Thanks for reading!

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