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Google could Crown You as their Favourite!

Everyone wants to be on top list of Google’s Favourites. But do you really know how it could be possible? What are the ways to get the crown of glory and honor by Google?

Here I am going to share some tips to enhance your organic rank in Google search results. Google has always been very fair to its billion of users so that it can provide us with reliable and quality results. And they keep making changes into their algorithms time by time to be best with their results. So, the people who are up to date with these algorithm changes, they can easily get through the favorite list of Google.

Have you ever been deep through Google Webmaster Tools earlier? Let’s do it today.

1. Search Appearance

Search Appearance is consist of Title, Snippet, Sitelinks, Search within a Site (Search Box), URL, Event-Rich Snippet, Breadcrumbs and Product rich Snippet. This is how our Appearance is on Google. It allows you to maintain your appearance on Google in a Systematic and Attractive Way.

Title: How could you influence your customers at first sight? Your Title must be Informative and Concise along with relevant descriptions in the HTML title tag for each and every web pages present. Or with the help of Google Search Console, you can use the tool with the name of HTML Improvement Features to Optimize the Title tags of your Webpages.

Snippet: Again be informative and concise to attract visitors towards your webpage.  It is about Meta description tag, you need to provide an accurate and concise summary of the content of your page. Or again you can use HTML Improvement Feature tool to optimize your Meta descriptions.

Sitelinks: Sitelinks are automatically generated by algorithms which directly depends on the website and the users’ query. You cannot activate Sitelinks by your side.

Search Box: These are also has been generated algorithmically as per depend on your website and the search query made by a user.

URL: Keep URL as simple as you can, don’t make it difficult for Google to find out the exact results. Try to get the focused keyword into your URLs.

Event-Rich Snippet: Google allows you to Mark up the relevant parts of your website so that they can understand your content easily. For that, you can use the tool with the name of Data Highlighter to tag your Event data. Even you can check that the data what you have marked up has been crawled or not, Structured Data Dashboard will help you in that.

Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs can be defined as a series of connected pieces of information. So for Breadcrumbs, you need to mark up the content in the body of your WebPages. And you can check whether your marked up data has been crawled or not by Site Navigation Element.

Structured Data

For Google to index your Webpages Structured Data is required. It helps Google to understand the content on your website, which can be displayed as the rich snippet in search results. If you have added HTML markup to your site’s pages than you provide Google with Structured Data.

Rich Cards

Rich Cards is an effective way to provide the information about events, products, and opportunities on your website. It can help you to drive crazy traffic towards your website.

Data Highlighter

It helps to Show Off your Site’s data in Search Results. With this tool, you can tag each data field with the mouse. It helps Google to present your information in a more attractive manner in front of viewers.

HTML Improvements

HTML improvements provide you with what changes could be made to your web page to make it more attractive and easy to understand for Google.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

It shows you how your website is easy to access for users through mobile devices and how it could look good and load faster for them.

2. Search Traffic

Search Analytics

It analyzes your website’s performance on Google Search. You can filter and compare your results for the better understanding of your users’ search patterns. The search queries (Keywords) made by users are available and the number of clicks also.

Links to Your Site

It shows the number of backlinks available for your website and from where these are coming.

Internal Links

Links which are back to your own website can be defined as Internal Links.

Manual Actions

It shows you the webspam results for your website.

International Targeting

Here you can target your favorite audience based on location and the language to be indexed for your web page.

Mobile Usability

It shows whether your website is compatible with mobile devices or there is any kind of error related to same.

2. Google Index

Index Status

It shows how many and when webpages of your website have been indexed by Google.

Blocked Resources

Here you can get the information hosts serve site resources that are blocked to Googlebot. If Googlebot is not able to access important resources on your web page, your page might be indexed in a wrong way.

Remove URLs

Here you get the request of temporarily URL removals that you own from search results.

3. Crawl

Crawl Errors

It shows you Site and URL errors during the Crawling process.

Crawl Status

Crawl Status shows you the Googlebot activity. Here you will find out the pages which have been crawled, kilobytes downloaded per day and Time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds).

Fetch as Google

Fetch as Google allows you to See how Google renders pages from your website.

txt Tester


URL Parameters

This feature helps Google to crawl your website more effectively by showing how they should handle parameters in your URLs.

4. Security Issues

Security Issues can help you find out how secured your webpage is.

5. Other Resources

All these are different-2 tools to help you out to index your web page in Google easily.

Structured Data Testing Tool

  • Structured Data Markup Helper
  • Email Markup Tester
  • Google My Business
  • Google Merchant Centre
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Custom Search
  • Google Domains
  • Webmaster Academy
  • Conclusion:

    Google helps you itself to make you understand its process of indexing a web page or the crawling with the help of Google Webmaster Tools. If you are able to understand all these things and make it done for Google then don’t you think Google will Crown you as their Favourites. Don’t waste your time; make it worth full now and start getting best out of your Online Business.

    Happy Googling!

    Real Also: Digital Marketing Career is excessive and unavoidable!


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