Whenever I work with a client for his blog Search engine optimization, one thing which I always needed is access to their Google search console account. One way is to ask for the client login details, and most of the time users are not comfortable sharing his details. In that case, I had to verify the website in Google search console using my ID and after that check his website status and keywords ranking using Google webmaster tool.

Though this is good news for website owners, who need to access his website webmaster stats with multiple users. Google search console has a new feature in which you can invite users to access your Google search console website as a user.

This quick guide will show you how to give other’s access to your verified websites in Google search console.

Here is how you can add another user to your Google search console :

  • Login to your Google search console and head over to verification page.
  • Click on verification details in front of the domain for which you want to give access to someone:

Webmaster Central

Now, you can add a new user by email under the verified owner section. It’s better if the user has a Google account else any other email account should also work.

Webmaster Central Add a new Owner

Once you have provided the user access, you can ask them to log in to Google search console dashboard, and they should be able to see your site there. If not, you can ask them to just add your website to their Google search console dashboard.


There are many other tools like:

These are all equally important.


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