search engine optimization

Here is the Search Engine Optimization To-Do List:

Keyword Research creating a strong keyword research strategy to optimize site pages for

The first activity on our SEO To-Do List is Keyword research, and to find out the most relevant keywords for your business type. A good knowledge of different search terms for your business drives the crazy and genuine traffic towards your website and ultimately which results in the growth of the business.
But again a question comes into our mind, how to do a keyword analysis? For that you may follow some simple but effective steps:

  • Get a paper and note down all the important and relevant topics for your business type.
  • Now find out keywords from those topics
  • Search on Google with your keywords one by one and scroll down to the last you will find suggestions from Google itself.
  • Look for Long Tail keywords which are mix up of your head terms
  • Keep an eye on competitor’s ranking with your desired keywords
  • Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool to finalize the Keyword list, and it’s done

Site structure and page optimization for high search engine rankings

Structure of a website matters a lot for Search Engine Rankings because your website’s structure decides whether your website is user-friendly or not? It’s not only about how it looks and how easily you can use it, in fact, some technical things should always be there while making an Serach Engines friendly website. The technical aspects which you need to focus on:

  • The content should be indexable, and the most important part of your web content should be in HTML only because Images, Java applets, Flash files and other non-text content is generally being ignored by Search Engine’s crawlers.
  • A Systematic Structure of links which are Crawlable
  • Stay away from Keyword Abuse
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Meta Tags
  • URL Structures
    • Concise
    • Human-Friendly
    • Use of Keywords
    • Use of hyphens
  • No use of Duplicate Content
  • Use of Rich Snippets
  • Pinging the major blogging and tracking services (Google, Technorati, Yahoo!, etc.)

Social media optimization for building brand authority

Social media is very famous among all age groups whether it’s about old age group or young age, everyone is available there. Why am I explaining all this to you because it can give you an idea of how big is social media market? And for promoting your business and creating a brand image Social media is a very good choice. So there are a few tips for Social media optimization for building brand authority:

    • Social Media Monitoring
    • Make your social media posts attractive and different from others
    • A details profile in a systematic way
    • Make a strategy to increase fan following
    • Create valuable content
    • Use Social Campaigns

Website submission to search engines, directories, and niche resources

It is all about Search Engines, so how can we forget about this very-very much important point. So first you need to do is just log in to the webmaster of search engines which are quite popular and follow the instructions provided by them. It’s all about Search Console set up, so do it.
Submit your business details to the directories and the niche resources too, it helps a lot to get high ranking in search engines.

Link building by means of link bait, one-way link building, smart link exchange and social sharing

Link building is a very strong process to generate web traffic to your website. A systematic process needs to be followed for this process, some of the common activities are Social bookmarking, Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, Video Posting, Image Submission, Article Submission, etc. Try to get links from high PR websites it helps to rank higher in search engines.

Launching a blog and promoting it on the web

A blog plays a very important role in the search engine optimization process. With the help of article writing, you can provide your visitors with regular updates about your product and services. Now you need to go for a blog launching and promote it on the web, it is going to help you a lot in your search engine optimization process.

Social media networking with the aim of increasing link popularity and bringing additional visitor traffic

Social has a huge number of individuals so it can help you a lot to promote your business there. For that simply you need to increase your network and keep on sharing your website links there so that it helps to increase your link popularity, which finally results in more and more web visitors.

Running paid advertising campaigns

It includes the paid ads which are being organized by Social media platforms themselves. How these paid advertising campaigns will help you in search engine optimization, if you are also thinking the same then I would like to tell you a bit more about these campaigns. These campaigns allow you to target your favorite area, desired age groups, etc. These campaigns are very flexible; you can set your desired filters to target the most relevant audience. So don’t afraid of running paid advertising campaigns.

This was the last activity on our SEO To-Do list, follow it to get your website higher in Search Engines. And don’t forget to go through the latest updates by Search Engines, it’s very important to be an SEO analyst. All the best!