I have seen many times that people while working on webpage become very concerned about the quantity of h1 headings. And there is a myth that “Use of Multiple h1 Headings is Bad for SEO“.

Today, we’ll be discussin about whether Use of Multiple h1 Headings in a webpage actually matters or not?

Google always wants to deliver the content to its users which is more informative and easy to understand, so in this case, Google’s system don’t have any problem with multiple h1 headings on a webpage. Accroding to Google, its a very common thing to use multiple h1 headings in a page.

Headings are being used for the better understanding and the context of different parts of a web page. If a webpage has clear semantically understable heading, it is useful in understanding any given page.

However, Google has to work with the web as, they find it and a lot of it isn’t semantically structured at all. If we talk about user the difference is minimum. Both kinds of pages can be extremly relevant to a question that they have.

If we talk about Google Systems, they are too picky and for trying to work with HTML, they find it with the given process:

google system

In short, when you arer thinking about making a webpage then you should keep first thing on your mind that you are making a wepage for a user not for the search engine. If your web page is user friendly and contains correct and valueable information then for sure your content will be shown on the top of the search engine.

So, your primary objective is to create page for users not for SEO. If you have ways of making your content accesible to them be it by using multiple h1 headings or standard HTML constructs, then that’s not going to get in the way on your SEO efforts.


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