google webmaster tools

Webmaster tools are an integrated part of SEO process, why am I saying this for that you will have to read the article below:

Webmaster tools as the name suggests, it is a set of tools which allows you to access the SEO insights of a website. Though every search engine has its own Webmaster Tools we will talk about Google webmaster tools as Google is the major search into the world of internet. So let’s get started.

Google Webmaster tools allow you to directly communicate with Google and look out the options like how you can improve your website’s performance on Google.

Here you can get the information about: How your sitemap is performing, What is the amount of Crawling error, where do the error exist exactly, the keywords at which your website is receiving the response, your site’s statistics, whether your website’s structure is user friendly or not, whether your website’s robots.txt file is working properly or not, everything is available at a single place.

By allowing Google to access your website’s insights you will be able to get the Search Analytics of your website where you can the info about the no. of users on your website, the bounce rate, the demographic details, which group of people is more interested in your content even from where they are accessing your website, isn’t it cool. Once you are able to access all these details then you can set your own targets to achieve as now you can access the behaviour of your website over the search engines.

So now when you understand the value of Webmaster tools in SEO then the next question which would come up into your mind is How and where to start? Don’t I will explain you each and everything in details, and here we go.

How to start using Google Webmaster?

The first step to join the Google Webmaster Tools, but how to do that, you can simply click here and reach the destination at which you will have to log in. Login with your Google account and after logging in they will ask your add a property to enter the details of your property here, it would be the URL of your website and then click on the add button. After that, you will have to go through the verification process of Google, for that they offer you three types of methods: HTML file upload, HTML tag, Domain Name Provider, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

You can choose any option as per your comfort; I will explain you with HTML Tag option, firstly choose the HTML tag option, copy the code and paste the code into your website’s code and save.

After that go to your Header file and insert the HTML code.


And Save Changes. And now let’s get back Google verification and click on the Verify. You will recieve the message like below:


After that click on the verify button, congratulations your website is verified to use Google Webmaster Tools. It will take around 24 hours to start getting the results into your Google webmasters tools as you have just verified and It takes a bit time for updation process.

Which tools are commonly used and important under Webmasters Tools?

Although all tools are equally important as but yes there are a few of tools which are commonly used by us, the list is as below:

Search Analytics

This tool helps you access your Search traffic and the keywords by which your website is appearing on Google. Have a look at the screenshot below, this is the dashboard after login to your Google Webmasters Tools:

And Now let’s move ahead  and get into next step of Search Analytics:

Below is  an example of Keywords list:


Crawl Errors

This tool helps you to access the Crawling errors of your website, look at the screenshot to view the details:


This tool helps you to access behavior of your sitemap, like how many pages have been submitted and how many got indexed. Like the example below:

This was just an example and there is a lot to know about Webmaster Tools, now all you need to start using it, to understand the real importance of the tool. We have got Google Webmasters tools, Bing Webmasters Tools, Yandex Webmasters Tools, etc. Just login there follow the process as suggested and enjoy the free Search Engine Tools for a better SEO experience. For any further information you contact us or comment below, we will get back to you.