How to generate a HAR file in Google Chrome

how to generate HAR file

HAR file or HTTP Archive format which is JASON formatted archive file format. It shows how your web browser is interacting with a site. The extension of this type of file is .har.

HAR files can help you to troubleshoot the problems which are directly or indirectly related to performance or a webpage or the page rendering.

How to generate a HAR file from Google Chrome?

1. First of all, go to your browser Google Chrome and go to the page which is affected.

2. Now click on the Google Chrome menu which is located on the top right corner. And now go to More tools and then click on Developers Tools.

har generation

3. From the panel look for the Network button and click on it. Here is a red button on the left corner of the panel make sure it is red, if it is grey then you will have to click on it so that it can start recording.

har 2

4. Check the preserve box on the top the panel.

5. And now you will have to click on the clear button to clear all the existing logs from the network tab.

har 3

6. In this step, you will have to try to reproduce the issue that you were experiencing while the network requests are being recorded by your browser.

7. Once the issue has been reproduced click anywhere on the grid of network requests and select save as HAR with Content, and save.

har 4

This was the whole process to generate a HAR file from Google Chrome.