How to find Broken Links with the Help of Google Analytics Tool?

Google Analytics

Sometimes it becomes a headache to deal with broken links on the website but the situation worsens even more when you are not able to find the broken links on your website. Every one of you must be aware of Google Analytics Tools; today we will talk about how to find broken links with the help of Google Analytics Tool?
We’ll discuss a few of steps to follow to find all the broken links on a web page. For that you will have to Login to Google Analytics Tools and Follow the instructions given below:

Step 1:
Click on the button with the name Behavior Flow. As shown in the picture below:

Step 2:
Now follow the Site content button from the drop down menu.]

Step 3:
Here you’ll have to follow another link from the drop down of the Site Content button which is all pages, like the screenshot shows:

Step 4:
Here you will get a page where you will find Explorer Graph, scroll down and look for the link Page Title. Click on the link.

Step 5:
After clicking on the link you will find out all the pages with their title which have been visited by your visitors.

Step 6:
Your 6th step is to Search with the title of your 404 error page in the search box to find out the 404 error pages. To get the Title of your 404 error page you may randomly type an unavailable link to into your 404 error page. And you can get the title from there.

Step 7:
After searching in the box, you will get all the links from the list which are showing 404 error to your visitors.

Step 8:
If you want to know if the link is good or bad, for that you can simply click on the button secondary dimension, where you will have to select Full referrer under Behavior option.