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Today I just thought to talk about Facebook Impacts on Social Lives. Oh! but I know well, it is not a new topic at all but still as Facebook has become a very Important part of our lives, so this topic is never going to die.

Facebook Impacts on Social Lives

People these days have evolved themselves in Social Media in such a way that they start feeling restless if they don’t get to use Internet or their favorite Social Media Sites. And one of them is Facebook! I know you can’t deny that, right? I know your answer is definitely a “Yes”.
Facebook is a medium of social media through which people can connect with their friends and family from the North to the south or East to the West of the world i.e, all across the Globe. People share their images, videos on their profiles and then all they want are maximum likes and comments on their posts.It’s funny how people so badly want their posts to get a high number of likes and comments from the people they don’t even know about.

Now let’s talk about how Facebook impacts on the people’s social lives. We will discuss about a few of Advantages of using Facebook along with its disadvantages.

Advantages of Facebook

People can now connect with their family or friends even if they are on different continents and the most important thing is if you are going to make an ISD call it gonna cost you a lot but Facebook has made it much more easier as it is less expensive compared to an ISD call, this special feature of Facebook makes it more lovable among the people. People in today’s generation use Facebook on daily basis. Earlier it was only the teenagers who used Facebook but now anyone who has mobile phones and Internet Connection have an account on Facebook whether be it a 11 year old kid or a 70 years aged person.

Disadvantages of Facebook

Facebook as well has it’s disadvantages, people just to take revenge sometimes use the person’s photos in a wrong way,they Photoshop it and then post it on Facebook just to spoil their image. People are also losing themselves in the world of social media as they are so deeply involved into various social media platforms which includes Facebook, and Facebook is used by 80% of people all over the world. Specially, the teenagers use Facebook which consumes most of their time, and neither they are doing anything productive nor they are concentrating on their studies.They are just spoiling their time and themselves.


Therefore Facebook is useful as well as it can also distract you from what you should actually be doing.
I hope you liked the post. Thanks for reading!

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