7 Google Search Hacks for Local SEO

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Today we’ll talk about some interesting Google Search Hacks for Local SEO:

1. To find the total indexed pages of a website on Google


Press Enter

2. To Find Out what your competitors have written about a Specific Keyword

site:webaddress keyword

Press Enter

but if you want all the pages which include the searched keyword in their title then the search string would be:

site:webaddress intitle:keyword

3. Identify Content Gap

site:webaddress -intitle:keyword

Google will include all the pages with the title that do not include the keyword which you have mentioned.

4. Find some keyword which you have never thought about

The best way to do keyword research is the Auto-suggestion of Google. But Sometimes you start getting repeated results. To avoid this kind of problem you may a different type of search for example:

your keyword_

and look at the google suggestions, you will start getting alternatives.

5. Find a Level of Competition for a keyword

When you search anything on Google you will find out the results which include all the results which include all of the words which you have searched for you include any one or two of them. So to get the exact Competition Level for a particular keyword you may try the given string:


6. To find Internal Linking Opportunities

intitle:”your keyword” site:yourwebaddress

7. To find External Link Opportunities



“industry” directory

“industry” inurl directory

“industry” intitle:directory

“industry” inurl:links

“city industry” intitle:directory

“city directory” intitle:industry

“city” intitle:dircetory

“city” inurl:directory


These were a few easy but amazing Google Search Tricks. Hope you enjoyed the article. For any further details you may drop and email or comment below: