PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising: Pay Per Click (PPC) is also known as Cost Per Click. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bind allow businesses and individuals to buy ads in their search results. These ads appear above and alongside an organic or non-paid list of search engine. The search engine gets paid for each and every click made by a user for the ad.

For the specific ad spot, you need to be the part of an auction where for highest bid you can get a chance of ranking number 1 in sponsored or paid results. Why did I say there is a chance of ranking 1? Because there is also something called Quality Score that can impact your website’s ranking.

If someone clicks on your PPC ad, they get directed to the page you have selected and you are charged for the click what you had bid in the auction.

Why PPC advertising is important in Digital Marketing?

PPC is a process which can generate traffic on your website right away and you will start getting leads for your business. The bigger amount you will spend, the bigger ROI you will get instantly. Get your favorite top place and potential customers will see your information first. If your ad is written in a good manner then you will start getting clicks, the moment the ad is activated.

So in simple way PPC is Fast and instant result oriented. If we talk about Google Adwords, you can generate traffic within a few moments of activating your account.

The Role of PPC Advertising

There are so many small businesses who cannot afford PPC advertising as it is too expensive. But still PPC advertisement plays a very important role in Digital Marketing; let’s have a look over a few of these:

Campaign and Issue based Efforts

Direct Response Business

B2B awareness

Product Listing


Pay Per Click (PPC) needs focus. Organic search engine optimization is a long term process or an attempt to create brand and image. PPC advertising should be handled like a form of advertising with a clear and straight goal in mind. In other words, we can say, concentrate on conversions, not just clicks.

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