Introduction to Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS service can be referred to SMS marketing. It is a way to do promotions via SMS. SMS stands for ‘Short Message Service’. It is a text message which can be sent from a mobile to another one. Using SMS as a marketing strategy simply means to spread a text message to a group of people which include the details about your business, product or service, any promotion, or any offers etc. With SMS we can connect with people very easily within few seconds and target an audience as per our wish.

SMS marketing is a permission-based service, so every customer has to permit the company to send text messages to their mobile phones. After getting the permission of the customer you just have to target the audience which you want to focus on.

A successful SMS marketing includes a concise and short message with easy language. There must be an option of clear to call, which includes the website URL, phone number or email address. To track the delivery results you can ask companies who are your service provider to activate delivery report for every delivered SMS.
SMS marketing must include an option to opt-out so that the customer who does not wish to receive any more texts from you can easily get out of it.

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