Search Engine Optimization is a need for any website in this world. As it helps your website to get exposure in the world of Digitalization. It is also known as SEO and a very famous term among people.

In Simple language SEO is a technique to get the first page ranking over the Search Engines.

So, is it all about it? Obviously not! Today we are here to talk about it in detail. Let’s get started. Before knowing about SEO you must know about Search Engines.

Search Engine: 

Search Engine is a software which is designed to help Internet users to search anything via www (world wide web). We know that whenever a user enters a search query in a search engine and it shows a list of different web results. It may be in the form of websitesimagesvideosnews and many more.

The content which is shown by the search engine to a user is known as SERP, that is Search Engine Results Page.

You may read about Search Engine in one of our article which is What is Search Engine and how does it work?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The process of SEO is very complex, as its not that easy as it seems like. Many of the digital marketing agencies or freelancers may tell you that you would be getting your website rank as it is on the top of the search engine. But when its about SEO, then there is a lot, which would be happening inside and outside your website.

SEO process starts with day one when your is being designed by your developer.


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