how to download video from youtube

How to Download video from YouTube

Sometimes we are very much curious to know how to download video from YouTube. But as they haven’t shared any download button for their videos, so even after having a deep desire of getting that video to play offline, we have to leave it. The reason is – we don’t know how to download the video?

So today, I thought to solve this problem of you, because I am 100% sure 70-80% people are not aware of these simple and easy techniques. With a few of simple steps, you can easily download any video which you like from YouTube.
Let’s have a look at the steps of downloading a video from YouTube.

Step I

Go to the YouTube and choose the video which you want to download.  For Example I want to download a video as shown in the screenshot below:

download video from youtube

Step II

Type ‘ss’ at the place of ‘http://www.‘ and Press ENTER. As shown below in the screenshot.

download video from youtube

Page Automatically will be redirected to and the options will appear as shown below:

download video from youtube

Step III

Click on the download button after choosing your favorite option and your video will start downloading.

download video from youtube

It is a very easy way to download video from YouTube but just because of lack of Knowledge we could not take the advantage of Internet Features. So from today onward, I really hope you will not look for other options to download your favorite video from YouTube.

YouTube is world’s Second Largest Search Engine after Google so you can trust the information which is available here. It is quite simple. Happy Browsing!

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