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What are The Keywords?

Whenever we type anything on a search engine to get the results then the search terms which we use are known as “The Keywords”.

In the terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Keyword Research is one of the most crucial part. If you choose a wrong list of keywords to focus on then it may fail your whole SEO efforts. So today we are going to discuss an easy and result oriented Keyword Analysis Process. Follow the checklist below to get a perfect Keyword List:

  1. Choose Basic Topics Related to Your Business
  2. Search the each topic on Google and use Google Suggest to find the search terms related to your Business Topics
  3. Now use Google Keyword Planner to find our more Related Keywords
  4. Make a Final List and check the traffic status on those Keywords (Make sure you choose Medium and Low Traffic)
  5. At last check the initial rank status of your website with the respective Keywords.

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