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Webmasters Google Blog says that Google has made minor clean up to the Search Console. In a post uploaded by Ziv Hodak, Search Console product manager on Monday, August 26, 2019, it says that Google has bind up their hands and in the Search Analytics API, it will not support for the Android app (Is Install, Is App Universal and Is Opened) search appearance. Let’s have a look at the real post:

With the move to the new Search Console, we’ve decided to clean up some parts of the Search Console API as well. In the Search Analytics API, going forward we’ll no longer support these Android app search appearance types:

  • Is Install
  • Is App Universal
  • Is Opened

Since these appearance types are no longer used in the UI, they haven’t been populated with data recently. Going forward, we won’t be showing these types at all through the API.

Additionally, for the Sitemaps API, we’re no longer populating data on indexing status of submitted sitemap files in the “Indexed” field.


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